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Blood Bowl IRC Client Download

FULL INSTALLATION (Recommended) - This program will install the Blood Bowl IRC Client and the help files, create a shortcut for the program on the Start Menu, and register the necessary DLLs.

    bbinstall.zip [2280k] file

EXECUTABLES - This file contains just the core files needed to run the program. This method is recommended only for users who have installed a previous version of the Blood Bowl IRC client. This method may require the user to manually register some DLLs

    bbowl005.zip [430k] file

HELP FILES - The Blood Bowl IRC Client Manual is available as a separate download. Unzip this file into a folder called "Manual" underneath the folder where Blood Bowl is installed to enable the program to use these files locally rather than reading them from the internet.

    manual.zip [787k] file

CHAT CONTROLS - This file contains the 2 files needed to properly register the Microsoft Chat Control with the operating system. (see the Installation page in the manual for details.)

    chatcontrols.zip [122k] file